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CoolSnowGlobes Mini Bugs Set of 4 Mini Unique Glass Chillingly Beautiful Snow Globes Collectables

  • $54.00
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  •  Each sent in a gift box
  •  Elegant piano-black resin base. For formal or casual settings.
  • Comes in an attractive gender-neutral gift box with form-fitted protective styro inserts.
  • All the world’s a stage for our Mini Bugs! This charismatic quartet charmed its way from our picnic baskets into our hearts: Caterpillar, Bumble Bee, Ladybug and Butterfly. Caterpillar greets you with its cute little arms. Bumble Bee can’t stay long, there’s work to do. Lucky Ladybug climbs higher for a better view. And beautiful Butterfly stopped by to say, “Hi,” before flitting away in a flash of color. And remember, in our fast-paced world snow globes make treasured gifts. They give people peaceful quiet moments and cherished memories to last a lifetime. CoolSnowGlobes embraces the long history and rich traditions of water globes, adding fresh new designs for contemporary times.