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Pudus Brand Slipper Socks Plaid Red Pattern One Size All Amazingly Soft Socks

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  • Outer Layer: 100% Acrylic 100% Acryllic Outer Layer
  • We Love our feet. Big feet, smallfeet, baby feet, all feet. They take us through life's precious moments,help us stand taller and keep us firmly connected to the world we love.
  • You may call it a foot thing, but we like to call it a love thing. It's a warm and cozy, cuddle up comfort thing.
  • That's why we created PUDUS, theslipper sock made with the softest, fluffiest most comfortable liningguaranteed to wrap your precious feet in warmth and comfort - all day,all night.
  • Feel connected. PUDUS silicone grippers provide special anti-slip traction for your safety and comfort.
  • Relax. Be inspired. Slip on a pair of PUDUS slipper socks today. Ourfamulous designs will leave you feeling like the very best version ofyou.